Sump Pump Replacement & Battery Back-up

All homes were not created equal, so it is important to have professionals determine which sump pump is right to meet the needs of your particular home. A sump pump is an important tool for keeping unwanted and potentially damaging moisture out of your home. As your basement contractor, we can not only let you know which one is best for your home, but we can also handle the installation.

Periodic inspections of sump pumps are absolutely essential given to the fact that they are vulnerable to damage. Damage to a sump pump that causes it to work below its capacity, or not at all, can result in severe water damage. As your basement contractor, we can conduct the inspections for you and perform any routine maintenance or repairs necessary. Should you choose to have us install a sump pump for you, we will also provide you with a Battery Back Up System so you won’t have to worry about it failing during a power outage. Best of all, our battery back-ups can pump far more water than most others – as much as 10,000 liters per hour – which is great if it’s a flood that’s causing the outage.

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