Basement Finishing

Your basement is unlike any other room of your home because of where it is situated. There is far more moisture in it because it is underground, which can make it a friendly environment for mold and mildew. It’s dangerous to you and your loved ones if you ignore those problems and treat it like any other space, painting or building over the problem rather than addressing it. Your health and that of your loved ones deserves better. That is why every project that we handle begins with an inspection of the basement so that we can address any health problems before beginning the rest of our work.

Why makes basements different:
  • Basements are typically the coolest rooms in a building because they are underground. The cooler air that results from the cool soil outside the building combines with warmer air from other parts of the home to create an environment that’s perfect for mold even when you do not experience flooding.
  • The walls of your basement are porous, which makes it easy for outsize moister to flow into your home as a vapor. Upon becoming saturated with gallons of water, this vapor is absorbed by the walls, floors, and ceilings..
  • Several other items, including sump pumps, leaky hot water tanks, and flooded drains can exacerbate these problems and/or create additional ones.
  • All of these factors must be taken into account before a decision is made on how to go about renovating your basement.

As your basement contractor, we have systems in place to assess every basement environment and to account for any problems in our work.

Some of the things we do:
  • Install a wall system that, to most people, is indistinguishable from drywall
  • Waterborne/Organic panel
  • Use materials that are resistant to mold, moisture and mildew
  • Provide insulation that protects your building from exterior factors and keeps heat and cold in your basement
  • Class A Spread rating that is fire resistant
  • Ensure that your screens and picture frames can be secured with the market’s strongest system
  • Create a basement that seamlessly fits in with the rest of your building
  • All of our products are recyclable
  • Installation of your new basement can sometimes take no more than fourteen days.