Cracked Walls

services_foundation-repair_cracked-walls_thumbMost homeowners are unaware that unlike older homes that have basements constructed of concrete walls, the basements of many newer homes have basements with poured concrete walls. This can present a new set of problems if cracks are found in the poured concrete. Fortunately, Penguin Basements has developed special repair methods in the form of carbon fiber crack repair products, designed to offer our customers, an affordable basement / foundation wall repair solution.

The Carbon fiber is a very strong and durable material that works well to correct foundation cracks created over time. While most jobs vary in complexity the application is usually completed in one. The carbon fibre is the most popular choice for foundation cracks as its rigid, safe and is applied directly to the problematic area. Carbon Fibre’s strength to weight ratio is unmatched by other products and it is commonly used in other applications. It is also used to repair bridges, aerospace equipment and large mechanical structures. Due to the demand Penguin Basements can fix your crack quickly and for significantly less than any other application. When combined with the Basement Finishing System, our team can fix the foundation crack and repair the wall with all in the same service day.

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