Santa Fe Dehumidifiers

Nothing removes odour-causing moisture and maintains recommended relative humidity levels of 30-50%, quite like Santa Fe Dehumidifiers. It’s just what you need to provide ideal conditions for an odour-free storage space or comfortable living space for you and your family.

It’s particularly important to have a Santa Fe Dehumidifier If you store anything of value in your basement, or if you use your basement as living space, The Dehumidifier effectively keeps the moisture levels low, since relative humidity levels rising above 70% stimulate the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria and other biological allergens, which generate musty basement odours. These conditions must also be prevented in microenvironments such as underneath carpeting, rugs or storage boxes.

Basement Renos Toronto. offers a wide range of Santa Fe, high capacity, energy-efficient and freestanding dehumidifiers, designed to provide the ultimate in humidity control for basements and crawl spaces.

  • Santa Fe Classic

    When it comes to energy efficiency in a dehumidifier, nothing comes close to the Santa Fe Classic. It’s loaded with time-tested technology and designed to maintain 50% or less relative humidity in your home.

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  • Santa Fe Compact

    Specifically designed for crawlspaces, at 12″ tall and 21″ wide, the Santa Fe Compact can fit where no other dehumidifier can. The Compact’s horizontal configuration and flow-through design perform exceptionally well in tight crawl spaces.

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