Santa Fe Compact Dehumidifiers

Specifically designed for basements crawlspaces. At 12″ tall and 21″ wide, the Santa Fe Compact can fit where no other dehumidifier can. The Compact’s horizontal configuration and flow-through design perform exceptionally well in tight crawl spaces. The optional condensate pump and ducting kits provide the installation flexibility necessary for the most challenging applications. No mass-merchant dehumidifier can perform as efficiently and effectively in crawl spaces as the Santa Fe Compact.

A premium dehumidifier like the Santa Fe Compact provides the protection that ventilation and air conditioning cannot do alone. This dehumidier complies with the EPA recommended relative humidity level in the 30$ – 50% range. It is important to keep humidity in the air of your home. Without keeping humidity in your basement, mold, mildew, and bacteria can start growing within 24 hours.

Features Include:

Water Removal : 70 pints / day
Current Draw : 5.1 amps
Efficiency : 5.0 pints/kWh
Energy Factor : 23.7 L/kWh
Operating Temperatur e: 40°F Min., 95°F Max.
Sized For : Up to 1600 SQ. Ft
Air Filter : MERV-8
Dimensions : 21″W x 12″H x 12″D
Drain Hose : 5/8″ ID x 8′
Power Cord 9′, – 110-120 VAC, Ground
Weight : 55 lbs

The Santa Fe Compact is highly sufficient and exceeds Energy Star® efficiency requirements. Santa Fe Classic’s large capacity provides removal of 70 pints of water per day. The large capacity allows the Santa Fe Compact to be no problem for medium-sized crawlspaces (up to 1600 sq. ft.). Also featured is Low Temperature Operation. The Santa Fe Classic was engineered for crawlspaces and the the temperature and air flow issues that they may present. while other dehumidifiers have stopped removing water from the air, the Santa Fe classic continues to work and protect your home. One of the many great features of the Santa Fe Compact is Auto Restart. After a power outage, Santa Fe Dehumidifiers automatically start at the original setting.

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